Full Bathroom Remodel In Maple Grove

Full Bathroom Remodel In Maple Grove

The team at Struction Contracting recently completed a full bathroom remodel in Maple Grove. The client reached out to us through our website and was looking for a top bathroom remodeler in Maple Grove.  We followed up with him and learned that he had a negative experience with another contractor. They had begun the work on his bathroom and had not completed the project. We explained his frustration, and that he was in need of our assistance. We assured him that he had chosen the right contractor in Struction Contracting. After further discussion, we agreed to visit the property that week.

After our team arrived at the home we quickly saw the damage. The previous contractor had done a poor job. After a thorough evaluation, we were able to provide an estimate to the client. He was very pleased with our fair, but competitive pricing. He was also very satisfied with the projected schedule of the project. We were scheduled to begin bathroom remodeling the following week. We definitely had our work cut out for us.

Our team began promptly on schedule. With the customer as a top priority, we wanted to ensure that we completed the project efficiently and successfully. We replaced everything from the sink to the toilet. After a few long days, our crew finished the bathroom. The client was very happy with the final remodeling product. He noted the craftsmanship and attention to detail. We were very happy to have worked with such a positive individual.

At Struction Contracting, we take pride in always putting the customer first. We understand that often times remodeling projects are quite stressful. One of our main objectives is to remove as many stresses from our customers as possible. If you are looking for bathroom remodeling in Maple Grove, make sure to give us a call today.