Golden Valley Bathroom Remodel

Golden Valley Bathroom Remodel

Struction Contracting is proud to be a premier kitchen remodeler in Golden Valley, Minnesota. With many years experience in all types of home remodeling projects, Struction Contracting is the remodeling contractor you can depend on. Our team is dedicated to providing best customer experience throughout the entire renovation. From consultation to design to construction, we are committed to making the customer a top priority!

We received a call from a local Golden Valley resident. They were looking for bathroom remodeling in Golden Valley. They had been working on remodeling the second floor of their house. We had performed a complete basement remodel for them a few years before. They were very pleased with our attention to detail, customer service, and overall professionalism. They contacted us seeking similar results. We told them we were happy to help with their next home remodeling project.

Our design team met with the clients for an initial consultation. We wanted to get a thorough idea of their vision. Our bathroom designer was able to quickly envision what the clients wanted. We gathered necessary measurements.

The bathroom remodeling project turned out exceptionally. We were able to successfully renovate the entire bathroom without running into problems. We removed old, fading flooring and replaced it. We also build a large bathtub that the clients would be able to enjoy. Our team also redid the shower and vanity area in order to provide a better aesthetic and more functionality to the bathroom.

At the end of the project, we spoke with the clients and were pleased with how happy they were. They praised our work, scheduling, and overall diligence. They were glad that they had contacted a top remodeling contractor in Minnesota. We told them that we were more than happy to have been apart of building their ideal home.