New Kitchen for Medina Resident

New Kitchen for Medina Resident

At Struction Contracting, LLC we are proud to support the community of Medina, Minnesota with the top of the line kitchen remodeling services. As a premier kitchen remodeler, we strive to deliver the best customer experience to each of our clients. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or any room in your house, make sure to give us a call today!

We received a call from a local resident who was looking for a kitchen remodeler in Medina.  They had been residents of the area for many years, and they were looking to renovate their kitchen. After speaking with them extensively, we gathered much of the pertinent information that we needed. We agreed to meet with the client at their residence the following week. This would allow us to prepare for our initial consultation with the customer, and provide a solid first step for remodeling

Our designer arrived at the residence and was ready to get started. We began to discuss the project and what would be required. We finished the initial consultation by taking some final measurements that were necessary. Next, the designer began work drawing up the plans, while keeping the client involved throughout.

After we received the bid from the subcontractors, we presented the entire project plan to the homeowner. We made a few changes, agreed on a price, and finally were ready to proceed to production.  

The production process for this job took quite some time but was one of our favorite kitchen remodeling jobs that we had done. The client was excellent to work with, and the entirety of the project seemed to go off without a hitch. By the time we had finished the job, the homeowners were completely satisfied. Their new kitchen looked great and we had been able to complete the project on schedule and within their budget.